WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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    When the owners of The Vape Shop started vaping, they were faced with the quest of searching for a vape shop inviting and comfortable enough to call home. The demand was there but the options were limited. While the need for a premium vape shop that exceeded expectations in customer service was definitely high, find such a place proved far more challenging than imagined.


    The Vape Shop was established in early 2014, built on the very foundation of the needs of fellow vapers and their utmost satisfaction. The staff that customers engage every time they step through the door with were former customers that also demanded the very best. They became the ambassadors of the vape community so that the voices of vapers could be heard. Customers demanded limitless selection in e-liquids, and so we listened, carrying the craft of 100+ premium juice lines with over 500 different flavors to suit and satisfy every vapers’ palate. Customers demanded devices, RDAs, and accessories to dispense clouds of gratification - The Vape Shop once again listened, offering a wide selection of hardware for beginning vapers up to the most seasoned vape connoisseurs. Customers wanted discounts and deals, and no surprise there! The Vape Shop listened to the voices, offering our infamous mix and match deals on every juice lining its shelves. We also offer daily and weekly deals so you won’t have to dig deep into your pockets but walk away a winner nonetheless.


    At The Vape Shop, we not only make sure to carry a wide selection of devices and juices, but we make sure that the staff is fully knowledgeable with any information pertaining to vaping devices and juices. Any questions you have, we always do our very best to make sure your questions are answered. Our exceptional knowledge and customer service are what sets us apart, making us the most premium vape shop.


    Our mission here at The Vape Shop is simple -  to bridge the gap between consumer and manufacturer with unparalleled customer service, uniting vapers and non-vapers alike. We wish to continue to educate the world about the benefits of vaping and to lift the dark veil that surrounds our industry. By supporting up and coming young entrepreneurs, The Vape Shop strived to expand the limits. As a result, through much of the love and support we have received over the past 5 years from our exceptionally loyal and supportive customers, we were able to do just that. The Vape Shop has expanded from one quaint little vape shop to three shops, two in Koreatown and one in Hollywood! We will continue to do our very best to leave an everlasting impression in this great big world of vaping. Drop in and give us a shot. You won’t regret it! We hope to not only meet but exceed, all of your vaping needs.